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When you're in the mood for some Latin cuisine, come by La Mexicana Taqueria!

We serve dishes that are made with great care

Our customers are in love with our food

We strive to give you the best customer service

"I love this place. While it takes a little while until you get your food, the end result is worth it. They have great breakfast and Carnegie Asada burritos."

- Noe Cervantes


"Combo 4 — steak and shrimp is incredible. Prices are amazing. Everything else is great."

- Areli O.


"The only reason I signed up to review this was because it was excellent."

- Michael Gio Ferrigno


"Food is very tasty."

- David Vidauri


"Good food. Very authentic Mexican restaurant with excellent food and good vibes. Employees are friendly. My only criticism lies with the fries in the burrito — they weren't cooked all the way so it was a tough chew."

- Gus

"Good food. Everything is tasty — tried all sorts of tacos!!! Good service, a little small, but totally worth it."

- Joey T.


"Very friendly, family oriented. Great service and food."

- Jason Meyer


"Really good Mexican food guys!!! 5 stars!!!!"